“This book offers hope to anyone struggling with drug or alcohol dependency and to those who love them. Laura Shepperd shares her personal journey with overcoming addiction in a very real, frank and folksy way, which treats the reader to an inside look at rehab, recovery and the wild ride it often becomes. With a natural humor and true gift for storytelling, the author seamlessly weaves a tale of redemption that hits the reader square-in-the-heart. The cast of characters she meets along the way not only serve as a colorful backdrop but highlight the universal truth that we are all interconnected and being led by something greater than ourselves. Family, faith and acceptance are themes that lift up this this story of an individual fighting for her freedom from a disease that wants her dead. It’s not all rainbows and ponies, after all…but the truth never is.”

It’s Not All Rainbows and Ponies

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll know you’ve been told the truth in this memoir of Laura Shepperd’s quest for sobriety via rehab. This is no harrowing drunk tale, but rather a gritty, hope-filled story told in a voice so authentic it leaves the reader thinking maybe they’ve known her all along. Rehab takes her hundreds of miles from her rural East Texas town and worlds away from her life as a wife, mother and school secretary. What could she possibly have in common with a bunch of alcoholics, heroin addicts and Xanax housewives? At first, nothing. And then, everything.

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It's Not All Rainbows and Ponies
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“Our book signing with Laura Shepperd was so uplifting. Her journey through recovery is both inspiring and hilarious. What a treat to hear her read her favorite passages and enjoy her upfront and honest personality. “Debbie Parker, Owner Deborah's Boutique.

“Clearly written by an author who has been there. From desperate, to decisive, to one day at a time—an authentic and hopeful story about the journey of recovery.”

Charlie Amos, Author of Recovery and founder of Ministry of Nuts

“A raw articulation of the journey through addiction to wholeness–told with humor and grace.”

Donna M. Johnson, Author of Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir

“Wow! Good ole fashioned Recovery. So refreshing to read. Laura Shepperd, thank you for taking us on your journey and carrying the message of hope.”

Keys to Recovery Newspaper